How to Win at Sports Betting Best sport to bet on to make money Best sport to bet on to make money Sports Betting for a Living? Earning Money from Gambling?

Jun 01,  · Best sport to bet on (easiest to make money on)??? Any sports underdogs is the easiest to make money on. Anyway baseball is the easiest sport. HutchEmAll: PM.

A lot of people think that you cannot win at sports betting. The fact is that sports betting is one of the very link forms of gambling that you can win at.

The others are horse racing, and poker. These games all have the same common denominator - they are games played against other people. Poker has the "rake," horse racing the "take," and sports betting "the vig. I have a friend who is a Wall Street banker. He is an excellent investor who makes a nice living on The Street. Once, I asked him what investment strategy he employed.

His answer was very simple and it applies very well to sports betting. Look for stocks that are out of favor. In sports betting, we look for teams that are out of favor.

In other words, we avoid betting on favorites. On Wall Streets, the favorites are the trendy stocks of the day. Remember those sexy internet stocks? Be careful with this approach. That is a common mistake that sports bettors make.

In sports betting and lifethere is a big difference between being contrarian and just plain contrary. Being contrarian mean to be your own expert, bet only on value and win. Speaking of experts, here is my advice when it comes usa bingo cash online for experts and sports betting: What they should really be called are pundits, or talking heads.

When everybody best sport to bet on to make money is depending on the "knowledge" of these experts, you should have the confidence to stand on your own sports betting knowledge. The good news is that you only need to hit Not a bad proposition! Most people place sports bets for fun.

The public will commonly bet on teams for a variety of reasons; they attended a particular college, rooted for a particular pro sports team while growing up I liked the Pittsburgh Steelersor think that they are a good team who should win source Saturday - the favorite syndrome, or maybe they will listen to the dreaded experts.

They will then compound their arbitrary selection process by making sports bets in varying amounts and playing sucker bets. People who win at sports betting employ a smart game plan and an even smarter money management plan when making their bets. I have already given you a myriad of great sports betting angles to assist you in selecting your sports wagers.

Using these angles would constitute using a sound game plan. Money management is a very simple component of sports betting, yet it is the one that most people have problems with.

The first step in being a winning sports bettor is to make sure that you have a sufficient bankroll. Even the best handicappers are subject to long losing streaks. You should be sure to have a bankroll equal to at least times your base betting unit.

This will ensure that you get to stay in the game should you have a long losing streak. The other sports betting money management technique that should be followed is to bet the same amount on every game. Every sports bet you make should be worthy of 5-star status, or you should not make the bet. What you need to know to employ a good sports betting plan is easy.

The trick is to stay disciplined. On many occasions, you will see people make futures bets on their hometown team because they are getting such great odds. This comes back to having a sound sports betting and money management strategy. Lots of people free online slots gorilla sports best sport to bet on to make money as a higher percentage lottery.

They will play ten team parlays that they have no real chance of hitting. Sports betting is all about grinding out a profit one game, day, best sport to bet on to make money, month and year at a time.

Getting back to Wall Street for a minute, there is an old saying about greed: Bulls run, bears hide, and pigs get slaughtered. Accept the fact that you will lose many wagers. When you lose a bet, put it best sport to bet on to make money you and focus on the next one.

The thing that losing sports bettors do is to chase their bets good or bad with bad bets. So after their overrated favorite fails to cover the spread, they chase the bet by doubling their bet size and losing on another favorite.

Success comes to people who work hard or to people who were born to wealthy parents. If you want to win at sports betting you will have to put in some time.

Fear not, however, if you lack time. There are a few good handicapping services available best sport to bet on to make money help you if you need it. The good folks that set the sports betting lines are scary good at what they do. All you can hope to do in the long-run, is be on the right side of a line, or total best sport to bet on to make money times to make a profit.

A better way to look at this is to believe that you can make money at sports betting by being smart and trying to think along with the line makers. When you see a line that looks out of whack, think long and hard, and use the angles I have given you and try to understand whey the line is the way it is. This will help you in deciding which side or total, if any, to take.

This is a sports real online for android factor that gets overlooked a lot. Most sports bettors, even good bettors, see a game they like, go to their sports book, see an acceptable line, and make their bet.

What link you could find a better line than the one being offered by your sports book? Successful sports betting requires searching for the best line possible.

This goes along with not being lazy. So how do you find the best line? When you find the best line, how do you bet it? If you are doing your sports betting online, you should have at least three sports books available to place wagers. Why three you ask? If you have multiple sports books available - by available I mean that you are signed up and have money in your account - you can quickly scan each book for the best line, then make a quick bet.

If you have one sports book account, you are at the mercy of that sports book to place your sports bets, regardless of what line they have available. I urge you to strongly consider having multiple books. There you have it, all of the secrets for successful sports betting in one place. Click to see more are not, of course, really secrets at all.

Rather, they are just common sense reminders of how to approach sports betting in order to become a long-term winner. How to Win at Sports Betting. Successful sports betting requires searching for value I have a friend who best sport to bet on to make money a Wall Street banker. Ignoring the experts is an important key to sports betting Speaking of experts, here is my advice when it comes to experts and sports betting: Have sound sports betting and money management game plans Most people place sports bets for fun.

Winners are also very conservative. The key thing is to have a good reason before making a sports bet. Understand that you must grind out a profit This comes back to having a sound sports betting and money management strategy. Understand that the line makers are incredibly good at what they do The good folks that set the sports betting lines are scary good at what they do. Be a choosy sports bettor and find the best possible line This is a sports betting factor that gets overlooked a lot.

the best way to make money in sports betting? | Yahoo Answers Best sport to bet on to make money

I earn a great living solely off Sports Betting in a family full of Alcoholics and Complusive Gamblers. Young entrepreneur, mathematically profiting off of the bonus deposito bwin Vice that has destroyed many people in my family. The key to long term best sport to bet on to make money in Sports Betting is through Arbitrage. Everything is base The lines will look like this: Look at Book 4 and Book 5.

You need to write a book on how to make money off of gambling on sports man. I would surely read it. Thanks, I see more it. It just kind of all fell into place. Yeah, you have to definitely do some work to find an edge. In the below link, you can see that Houston started off this morning as a Favorite over Portland. Since Portland is battling injuries and got destroyed last game, I figured the public would be on Houston.

Click here difference in odds between favorite and underdog will always be there. Nearly all of the time, other best sport to bet on to make money will have similar, if not, identical odds. Clearly, everyone is on Houston, just more magnitude at Continue reading C. Sportsbooks offer ONLY Spread Lines for a few hours that one can use to analyze the direction and magnitude of line movement before the Money Lines drop.

Shoot me a PM if you have any questions about Aussie bookmakers. I work for one here and have accounts with most of them. Let me fix that for you automated comment unflipper FAQ. Anything I can make guaranteed profit best sport to bet on to make money. It is a Catch 22 though.

This is because the betting line only moves when too many people are wagering best sport to bet on to make money 1 side. As long as Vegas has close to equal action on each side, they profit every time.

Major Sports - Harder to find an initial guaranteed Arbitrage, easier to predict future line movement. Obscure sports - Easier to find a guaranteed Arbitrage, harder to predict future line movement. For every 21 bets, you need to win 11 just to break here. Keep sports betting as "Entertainment" and you will be fine.

You either get the line you want, or you have no obligation to bet? So, hypothetically, if the Line isI could set my odds for "" and anyone who still wants to take my line can then bet against me? Australia is home to countless betting agencies offering action on just about every sport on the planet. No matter where you live, youre only a 10 minute drive from a betting terminal, not to mention phone services. As i understand it, sports betting is only legal in some U.

Do you do most of your business in Vegas? Get 3 buddies together and list the teams. Draw check this out 4 names out of a hat. You guys all write how much you think each team will win by or lose by on a article source of paper. Another method, agree upon a number, say 10 points. You and your buddies check this out to pick the Final 4, but also use up the 10 points.

Miami was dealing with minor injuries and I felt best sport to bet on to make money the line would move in that direction. Miami went from an 8 point favorite to a 2 point underdog. To say I shit myself would be an understatement.

I knew the line would move, but a 10 point swing is unheard of. Not too often do you get better than 3-to-1 odds on a favorite with that much money in the ring. Memphis was undefeated 1, Tennessee was 2. They ended up winning in thrilling fashion.

I asked him what he would do if he lost, and he just said, "I never thought about that. Think of it like this: Basically this has to do with Risk Management, and the fact that most people have no idea how to figure out the probability of sequential events. What are your go-to sports? I know that it must be hard to find meaningful differences between the lines of sports books for major sports and events.

What smaller sports tend to give you the ability to do what you do? Believe it or not, College Basketball has given me some great lines recently. They also show what the Opening Line was so you can kind of see how much the average line moves, and they also offer a Line Graph to plot the change in line over time. Best thing to do is to understand line movement. Most lines move in one direction, reach and surpass the even point, then settle back.

So you wake up to So you hop on at and hop off once you see it start to bend back the other way at This is quick and of explains the Money Line: This says it all - http: I hardly ever see a line where the underdog payout is more than the favorite is ie.

I assume this is where multiple books and paying attention to line movement is key? Sure Things make up most best sport to bet on to make money my bets and are the least exciting of all wagers. The profit is extremely low, but zero risk, so why complain? The movement bets are a little more tricky. Prior to commiting to a game, you always want to pick a book that offers the best value for the favorite along with another that offers the best value on the underdog.

Most of the time, the lines will move equally between books, once the betting starts i. One more for ya NHL brought back the penalty shootout, so no more ties there.

I always loved sports and my parents are big gamblers. My Sundays as a kid involved me watching football while my dad had his picks in front of him with his red pen circling all his losers. I majored in Economics in college, and I absolutely dominated this Stock Market Game we did one semester, then realized really quickly, trading stocks is just like watching Sports lines move. Buy low, sell high. You just found 2 people read more different demands for the same online tournaments us players and made a profitable business decision.

Lastly, all each book will see is 1 bet on the best sport to bet on to make money game. One casino will get best sport to bet on to make money full bet when you lose, and the other will still collect "Juice" on your willing wager. Profitable in the long run for the bettor, not for the bookie. Look forward to it. Now keeping in mind, I am speaking article source the point of view of an Australian Bookie whose main focus is Horse Racing.

But here it goes:. Betfair is a place in which you can BACK a horse bet for it to win or LAY a horse take on the role as bookie, taking peoples stakes on various horses, offering them odds. Keep the money if horse loses, payout if horse wins. Now in Australia, Betfair is the strongest indicator of the market price. So as a bookie, I am always looking at Betfair when offering prices on a race.

I make sure to stay under whatever Betfair is offering, because if I am giving 5. The following can occur:. If Horse A wins: If Horse A loses: So in this case:. Bookies have the right to either restrict someones account eg: This may some unfair and what not, but at the end of the day, bookmaking is a business like any else. So in saying that, why is arbing so bad?

Just wondering why that was. Based on the college sports wagering are you American? And if so what are your feeling on the taxman having his cake and eating it too? How do you feel about the typical sports book gambling vs exchanges? Are they for you any different?

Or do you find neither offers any more real advantage over the other! Sorry I missed this AMA when it was posted.

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